It’s really very simple.

I want to love well, every day.

More than anything, we humans need love. We crave it, go to great lengths to get it. Can’t thrive without it. The problem is, even at our best we can only experience love imperfectly. We hold back, we lash out, give in, give up. But if we’re truly at our best, we try again. And again.

I am a newly single mother, just barely divorced after twenty years in survival-mode marriage.  I know hard times and I’ve taken abuse. I’ve learned about boundaries, though, so I also know how to call the police when things get out of hand and I know how to get a restraining order. Make no mistake, however, I’m not a goddess nor a saint.

But I have hope as I rebuild my life, now on a foundation of love.

My name is Maria and I would consider myself blessed by your company along the way.

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